I was working with a client yesterday. I think her story dilemma is one probably faced by many. Her antagonists had more of an active goal than her protagonists. This was for a TV pilot. So, we discussed how she could flesh out the characters more so that we understood who her protagonists are and why they want what they want. Then, we discussed the role of her antagonists. Were they going to be antagonists every week or once they all came together at the end, was it going to be an ensemble? We discussed the idea of forming a series arc coming from a series dilemma and a pilot arc. Usually the pilot dilemma stems from the series dilemma if you choose to have a series arc. Through our discussion, we got to a very strong place with how to restructure the story.

Always be sure that your protagonist/protagonists are the one/ones with the more active goal. We need to know who and what we are rooting for in your story.