I sent out questionnaires for my book, “Change Your Story, Change Your Life.” I was enthralled by the amount of compelling and powerful stories that came in. So, I decided to use some of the questions from the questionnaire as a writing exercise for my subscribers.

I want you to ask yourself the following questions as it pertains to you and to your lead character/characters.

  1. What do you consider the top 2-4 turning points that you’ve gone through in your life?
  2. Tell me about your most pivotal life turns.
  3. What are some of the most valuable lessons that you learned during or after the turn/turns?
  4. Did you find that your life turned in a more authentic direction because of the fall? What does this new direction look like?
  5. What emotions did you experience as a result of your turns? How did you learn to process and move through these emotions?
  6. If you are stuck after a turn, what do you feel will help you to become more active in your destiny?

You will be surprised at what will come out in this exercise. I love what it brought out in the participants of my questionnaire. I feel that asking these same questions about your character and utilizing the answers in your story will deepen your writing.

If you have not participated in this questionnaire for my book “Change Your Story, Change Your Life” and feel that you do have a strong personal story and would like to submit your answers, please do so. I am fictionalizing all of the names so you can be as open as possible. I would need them in the next couple of weeks.