Yesterday, I did the TV Writers’ Summit. There was a tremendous turnout. Giving gratitude to all who were there!

One of the things that I mentioned was a formula that I suggest using for your Pitch Document. This is for a pilot script.

  • Series Log Line
  • Pilot Log Line (This is a log line of your A story)
  • Log Line for your B story
  • Concept
  • Themes
  • Character
  • Synopsis


When you use this formula before you write your pilot, it will be easier when you go to write it. Also, if you turn this in to me as part of your pitch for your Premium Story Subscription, I will be able to give you solid feedback that will set the foundation for your pilot.


With a feature, I recommend the following formula for a pitch document;

  • Log Line (Write an external and an internal log line.)
  • Log Line for your B story
  • Internal log line for your lead
  • What is your inciting incident?
  • What is the starting dilemma?
  • What is the external goal in your A story?
  • What is the internal motivation for wanting to achieve the goal?
  • What is your midpoint that connects back to your goal and raises the stakes?
  • What is your “all is lost” moment that connects back to the goal?

By knowing these pivotal points of your story, you will start it of in a strong way. Also, if you send me this formula as part of your pitch review, I will be able to give you solid feedback that will help to build the foundation of your story.