“Alignment” is a word that intrigues me this month, and it is a term that’s becoming increasingly relevant in our cultural consciousness. The word has such a positive feeling to it. If we are “aligned” correctly, things just seem to work. This could pertain to self, to relationships, to business, to your car, to the planets…the list goes on and on. The challenge is figuring out what connotes proper alignment for you.

In story, I believe that you should start with a specific incident that throws your central character or characters out of alignment. What often follows is a series of escalating obstacles, a turning point and an “all is lost” moment, all compiling together to get the character back in line with his goal, aligning him with his destiny. Are you in alignment with your destiny?

In life, at any given moment, our world can turn upside down. Most of us go through periods when it feels like we may have taken a wrong turn. We often fall out of alignment with our core self. On a spiritual level, I believe that our gut instinct is there to help us get back into alignment.

Having clarity of intention is key. Do you know what your goals are? Do your actions really help you reach those goals? You have to learn to calm the chaos when you’re out of alignment in any given situation and properly judge what you need to do to get back into alignment. We can all be active in achieving our goals.

Start by aligning your self. Be true to who you are and what you want. Be willing to utilize and grow from your fear rather than empowering it and letting it deter you from getting to where you need to go.

In the book THE VORTEX: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, Esther and Jerry Hicks explain the “30 Minute Energy-Alignment Process,” by writing, “In doing this Energy-alignment work, your point of attraction will not only yield to you activities and rendezvous with good feeling people, places, and things — but your ability to experience the delicious depth of them will be dramatically enhanced. Rather than doing things and going places to try to make yourself feel good, deliberately get to feeling good — and let all those things and people and places come to you.”

Adding depth and positivity to your life will help you be in proper alignment with your destiny, and that’s when you’ll begin to work towards your goals and things will start to fall into place.