The journey from the corporate world to the private sector is a life affirming and worthwhile experience.  It means going from a secure paycheck to relying on the belief that the universe will deliver.  You learn more about yourself, your strengths and what you’re really made of while traveling down this path.  In the book, WHAT WOULD GOOGLE DO?, Jeff Jarvis states, “We no longer need companies, institutions or government to organize us.  We have the tools to organize ourselves.  We can find each other and coalesce around political causes or bad companies or talent or business or ideas.  We can share or sort our knowledge and behavior.  We can communicate and come together in an instant.  We also have new ethics and attitudes that spring from this new organization and change society in ways we cannot yet see, with openness, generosity, collaboration, efficiency.  We are using the internet’s connective tissue to leap over borders..’

What does all of this mean to you?  It means that there is no better time to start – to build something that is all yours and represents your beliefs, your knowledge and your values.  It’s about finding your niche and cultivating it.  You can create something from scratch.  You can apply what you loved about your job and market it in a way that appeals to the masses.  You can do what you love for a living.  It is about believing.

My journey after being in the corporate world for over 15 years started with a course at Esalen in Big Sur called “Completions and Transitions” with Mary Goldenson, the author of, “It’s Time, No One’s Coming to Save You.”  It was there that I was able to reconnect with myself, my core values and what I wanted in my life.  Through many thought provoking exercises as well as being part of a great group, Mary helped me to see and believe that there was a way.

After that trip, I analyzed the market.  I researched everyone and anyone who was doing anything similar to what I wanted to do.  I looked at my own experience and made sure that my work background supported my company concept.  I tapped into my relationships and set up informational meetings.  I found a phenomenal website designer in Suzie Roth of Suzie Roth Designs.  She has been my saving grace in this whole experience.  From here, I started developing a brand.  This was one of the most rewarding parts of my journey.  What message did I want to send out about my business?  I came up with  Developing From Within, my belief being that the stronger we are inside, the more access we will have to our stories which makes us stronger creatively.

I am using my story to motivate you into believing.  I’ve had so many people contact me wanting to get information on how they too can start their own businesses and redefine success on their terms.  If this is right road for you, you can do it.  The key is creating a niche that fits your background and work experience and then doing what it takes execute it with clear vision.  The internet has been one of the most useful tools in my experience.  Some of the websites that I find to be invaluable are;,, and  It is about focus, determination, courage, commitment to the process and discipline.  Above all, belief in yourself is an ingredient you cannot do without.  If you believe in this, anything can happen.