What is the best way to sell your ideas?  Why do some people seem to be able to sell their ideas so easily and get further up the ladder, while others are left at the bottom?  When I think about this with television and features, I often wonder what specifically happens in meetings that leads to the sell.  Is it the value of the idea, or is it the art of the persuader?  When you look at the percentage of what works and what does not work, it makes you wonder.  In the book, THE ART OF WOO, authors G. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa, Directors of the Wharton School’s Strategic Persuasion Workshop, give very insightful tips on how to authentically woo through self-awareness.  The authors explore many practical approaches including how Woo works:  The Four Steps, Survey Your Situation, Confront the Five Barriers (negative relationships, poor credibility, communication mismatches, hostile belief systems, and conflicting interests), Make Your Pitch and Secure Your Commitments. The authors also discuss different approaches to persuasion:  Driver, Commander, Promoter, Chess Player and Advocate.  Their book draws from many other brilliant authors and expertly highlights the value of authenticity and self-awareness in your ability to persuade and influence.

We are going through a very difficult economic time.  Yet, there is no greater time than now to educate yourself on how to succeed in your endeavors.  Through reading books like THE ART OF WOO that are focused on the broader business audience, you learn about the power of the pitch and how your own personal attributes can get you further in the game of life.  We all use persuasion and influence on a daily basis in our personal and professional lives, yet do we do it consciously?  The key is better understanding the tools you have inside and how to use them to get the results you desire.  You hold the key.