My blogs are going to be raw and real.  I feel that the journey into writing is moving beyond the barriers we tend to put up.  What if we could express the truth always?  What if we could live from it?  What are we afraid of?  Writing that digs beneath the surface is often the most fulfilling experience for the audience.  How does the writer succeed at bringing this to the page?  I feel that if you are present for you life and everything that comes with it, you will learn to tap into your universal life moments.

What has happened in your life where your world was turned upside down and your reality shifted??  We all have these moments.  Look into these moments and the emotions that you felt or are feeling.  This is where you draw universal moments/themes for your writing.  An example of some questions you can ask yourself to go deeper include; In this new environment after the strike, are you afraid that there aren’t enough jobs out there for writers?  Does this get in the way of your process?  How does this make you feel?  How has the economy changed your life this past year?  How does this make you feel?  Have you lost a job?  How did this make you feel?  Have you found your soul mate?  If not, how do you feel about this?  If so, how does this make you feel?  Has your idea of security shifted?  If you look back on your life, would you make different choices?  Did you get asked to your prom?  If so, how did it feel when you went?  If not, how did this make you feel?  Have your parents been divorced?  If so, as a child, how did this make you feel?  Have you been divorced?  If so, how do you feel about getting married again?  Have you ever been betrayed?  How did this make you feel?  Have you achieved a big dream?  If so, what hurdles did you hit along the way?  What makes you feel joy?  What emotionally moves you?

I like to push past the barriers we put up and get to the core of what is going on.  Chances are if you deeply feel something so do others.  This is how you get others to connect with your story and with your characters.