Often, when our lives shift or hit a major turning point, we suddenly find ourselves in a new role as the messenger.  It is during these life experiences that we are forced to dig deeper.  Our reality, as we know it, changes and we see the world differently.  We realize that sometimes our biggest fears can materialize and that, when they do, we can survive.  Upon learning the tools of how to get back on track, we often become so inspired by what we’ve learned that we feel a responsibility to deliver our message to others that are going through the same life experience.  This concept continues to fascinate me and was on my mind when I came across the book, The Millionaire Messenger.

Brendon Burchard, author of The Millionaire Messenger, tells us the story of a near-fatal car accident that changed his life.  This major turning point led Brendon to ask himself three questions: “Did I live?  Did I love?  Did I matter?“ After pondering these three questions, he stumbled upon a messenger on television (Tony Robbins) whose message was simple: You have unlimited personal power to live the life you desire and make a difference, and I can help you. Brendon felt empowered to read and listen to the messages of other self-help and business world gurus including David Bach, John Maxwell and Seth Godin.  He began wondering — if they could deliver such important messages, why couldn’t he?  He devoured all the knowledge he could about becoming an expert.

Brendon discovered that members of the expert community focus their efforts in two ways: first, relating with their audience to gain their trust and understand their needs and ambitions. Then, creating useful information, content and products that add value to their audience and teach them how to live a better life or grow their businesses.

During Brendon’s inspiring two-year journey, he reached millions of people with his message and earned over $4.6 million teaching others how to improve their lives and share their own message. I was so inspired by this book and its message that I read it twice.  The information is so accessible and Brendon inspires you to believe that anything is possible.  It’s all about knowing your message and putting it into play.  It’s about serving others and creating purpose.

I recently read another book that delivers an equally powerful message but from more of a spiritual perspective.  It’s called, May The Angels Be With You: Access Your Spirit Guides and Create The Life You Want by celebrated psychic, Gary Quinn. Similar to Brendon, Gary also uses his life story to move in this new life direction.  Gary recounts the incredible story of how he first discovered his own angelic messenger in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris at a crucial turning point in his life.  He tells the heartbreaking and ultimately inspiring story of how he struggled with his psychic gifts as a child and then, reconnected with them as an adult.

Gary shows us how to believe in our own possibility by introducing us to the idea that we are each surrounded by a number of angels.  Everything we need is around us.  We just need to learn how to draw from it.

When I reflect back now on my own turning point, I understand that the universe giving me a nudge was the best thing that could have happened to me.  It pointed me in a more authentic direction.  It led me to write my book, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story, which also came from two pivotal life events in my story. It also led to creating a six-figure business from scratch that is all about serving others and helping them to attain their dreams.  It provided me with a platform to deliver my teachings about “developing from within” and “finding gold in your life story.”

Our major turning points in life have a purpose behind them.  It is our job to seek out the message and accept our role as the messenger.  In doing so, we may find that we can turn tragedy into triumph and find our life’s calling in the process.