Jen is the real thing. She has a keen eye for how the writer’s psychology informs their creative choices. Not only will she help you grow and mature as a writer, you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process. In the three years since I’ve started working with Jen, I’ve come far in every screenplay I’ve written since. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor or friend in this journey.
Richard Snyder, Quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival 2018 and the 2019 Screencraft TV Pilot Competition

Life and career-changing! I’ve been taking Jen Grisanti’s TV writing course ‘Finding Story’ for the past six weeks. I’ve written several feature screenplays, and from this course, I am writing a tv pilot. This course elevated my awareness and understanding of the story beyond what I can describe. Thank you, Jen, for changing how I write for the better, especially how to truly have the external plot allow an opportunity to heal the internal dilemma for my lead character and me personally. #jengrisanti #storywiseevent
Paula K Hornick – Writer

I’ve just finished Jen Grisanti’s ‘Finding Story’ story instruction modules and Storywise Teleseminar. I want to say thank you for your training and content. I was thinking about the course, students, and guests and realized something so vital for me. I always felt something was missing in trying to write my pilot. It just wasn’t any good. I didn’t know what to do or how to move forward in any meaningful way. Now, for the first time, I finally have an understanding of how to move forward with my passion, my pilot, and future pilots. Your book ‘Story Line,’ approach to the story, the teleseminar, story modules, student participants, and the guest speakers have given me a framework from which to work that is extremely helpful in my pilot pursuit and the pursuit of my dream.
Thank you so very much.
Charles Nathan – Writer

Jen Grisanti’s Storywise Teleseminar provides writers with invaluable tools to create pilots that resonate with readers on an emotional level. Her step-by-step process teaches you how to take your story from inspiration to crafting characters and story components that result in more than just a professional level script, but a script that will stand apart. I’ve had pilots place as finalists and semi-finalists in the WOTV, ABC, and WB writing fellowships and land representation due to her techniques.
Erica Land – Writer

Thanks so much for everything. I think you are the best teacher I’ve ever had!
Robin Breuner – Writer

“In Finding Story, Jen beautifully articulates a framework for understanding story using successful existing shows, which writers can then apply to the stories they want to tell. Her breakdowns are clear, concise, and incredibly insightful. I find myself constantly using her tools in studying other people’s scripts and in writing my scripts. I feel much more confident in my skills as a writer after having gone through the Finding Story modules.”
Teresa Tuan- Writer

I’ve just completed the FINDING STORY modules and participated in the Storywise 6-Week TV Pilot Teleseminar by Jen Grisanti Consultancy. I was the Londoner who joined at 2 AM…

Listening to Jen as she takes you through the modules is a revelation – what she offers is not just about giving you the skills to write better stories with stronger characters and compelling arcs; Jen allows you to look inwardly at yourself because the best, most authentic and compelling characters and stories come from within. And to be better writers and storytellers, we need to be more aware of ourselves, of our inner thoughts and angsts, than anyone else on the planet.

I’ve spent three solid days doing the modules, writing pages and pages of notes, and I’ve just discovered my childhood wound. It’s so apparent a wound now, but without listening to Jen’s commentary on all the great TV show examples, I might not have understood that that’s what’s been holding me back. I’ve been addressing that wound in all my writing without being truly aware of it.

Thank you, Jen. I cannot wait to get the chance to work with you and all the fantastic writers I linked to on your seminars again.
Ellie – Writer

I am glad that I participated in Jen Grisanti’s 2021 Storywise Seminar for many reasons, both professionally and personally.

I knew that the class would be worthwhile based on her track record. She has helped over eighty-eight writers sell TV Pilots. But what I didn’t know about was Jen’s personality as I had never met her. The personal element is what made this experience shine for me.

As part of the class, you gain access to the private  Facebook group. It was like having a persoanl tutor as Jen is quick to check this page, give advice and answer your questions. I have taken many online writing classes, and I have never found one like this where the leader participates regularly. Jen is generous with her time.

She offers thoughtful feedback to writers. Her ability to focus and stay interested in the material is admirable and unwavering for six weeks.

She is highly organized, efficient, and fun to be around. She has one goal, to help writers sell a TV pilot.  I liked many suggestions for shows that she gave in her story modules, and the constant way she found new material to talk about with us before her class kept things fresh.

Her guests that listen to the pitches were just like her, optimistic, insightful, and thorough.

I have already made connections through the private group, which is vital for a writer. I only wish that I had found her class sooner and hope she stays active for years to come!
Cathy Lynn Yonek – Writer


This library of pre-recorded modules is an amazing reference and inspiration! Jen breaks down the vast expertise she gained in her many years as a Studio Executive into digestible bites. Each module is packed with a step by step introduction of the concept material and then reinforced by multiple practical examples. Like all of Jen’s work, it is founded on expressing emotional truth, both in the characters arcs, and in the writer’s intent! Every time I watch the modules, I am able to hear and understand more of the secrets of what makes a great TV Pilot. During the eight weeks, I followed Jen’s easy to understand instruction and wrote a one-hour TV pilot that I feel is my best work to date.
Cindi Knapton, Writer

Learning how to write for TV can be a challenging task. There are few reputable guides available; I’ve found some to be misleading, others confusing, and most of them limited. Unable to find specific answers, part of my writing process had become a guessing game, which in turn affected its overall quality.

All of this changed when I enrolled in Jen Grisanti’s How To Write A Pilot That Sells: Moving Forward. From the moment I began watching the first video, I realized that I was about to find a world of knowledge that wasn’t available anywhere else. Jen has developed a series of techniques that are thorough, comprehensive, and specifically designed for developing a series and writing its pilot in a way that works for today’s standards of professional storytelling.

Jen’s instruction makes the videos dynamic and enjoyable. She not only dives into every aspect of the development process but also provides examples and commentary as to how these methods are used in current mainstream series.

Whether you have an idea, or a pilot with a few re-writes, How To Write A Pilot That Sells: Moving Forward provides key and unique tools that allow today’s working TV writers to consistently create and deliver outstanding material.
Moises Amsel, Writer

Jen covers everything you need to write a TV pilot. From the idea, outline, teaser, and arch of the pilot. She even goes beyond the script to pitching and bibles. Anything you do not understand you can always ask. During class sessions, which differ from many online classes out there, she is kind, honest, and accessible! She is clear and concise in the videos and provides examples from current tv shows. She does not focus just on one specific style/genre, but she references many so that you can see many examples that resonate best with yours. The greatest thing about the instruction modules is that you can watch them over again and reference back for a whole year!
AnnaMaria DeMara, Writer

The story instruction modules in Jen’s “How To Write A TV Pilot That Sells: Moving Forward” were precious to me. They were also my favorite part of the course. Each module is broken down into a particular lesson which includes an analysis of several pilots through the learnings from that lesson. From these modules, I learned how to tell a clear story that works. While I am still learning (and will keep revisiting these amazing modules), the videos have helped me cut my writing time in half. Whereas before I would spend hours and hours coming up with the idea after idea only to realize there was either no point, no problem and nothing at stake, now I have a solid structure in which my thoughts can flow, making my story stronger and more tangible. I have always been a fan of Jen’s work, but the lessons in these modules took my awareness and understanding of the story to the next level. Applying what I’ve learned here, I have gotten more work done in my writing over the past 10 weeks than I have in the past year. Thanks, Jen!
Kristina Licare, Writer

Jen Grisanti’s “How To Write A TV Pilot That Sells: Moving Forward” is a life-changer. The training modules are engaging, educational, eye-opening, and resonate, with her keen insight and exceptional knowledge of the television screenwriting process. From the very first training module, I was able to open up and write about past experiences that I had kept deep down inside for so many years. Jen’s approach to storytelling comes from the heart and soul, and with that, you learn how to use your own voice towards story and characters seen through your unique world view. Jen wants you to succeed. “How To Write A TV Pilot That Sells: Moving Forward” will benefit everyone, and I am a better writer all due to her superb teaching.
Flavia Bowen, Producer/Associate Director

When I started the course, I knew it was going to be useful, but I had NO IDEA just quite how functionally brilliant it would be. Jen has tapped into gold with developing these modules, well it truly is HER gold that she is now imparting. I feel privileged to have been exposed to this. It is like I have been let in on a secret recipe. I will definitely do this course again. It makes a huge difference to be able to follow the steps while on the actual conceptual / writing journey.

In the words of the Highlander “There can be only one!”…. Jen Grisanti 😉
Eve Hayes, Writer

Jen Grisanti is a significant force in the screenwriting industry for features, pilots, and spec scripts. Her breadth of knowledge is so inspiring that I was motivated to keep up with her instruction modules even though I had a full-time job, was interviewing out-of-town for another job, and was undergoing a major renovation in a one-bedroom NYC apartment.

Jen’s course materials are so well thought-out and presented that one can’t help but be swept away in the flow of knowledge intensified by a writer’s community and new “writing” language. Jen provides an orderly and supportive framework for structuring a story that can sell. After outlining her story writing principles and referring to succinct notes, her story modules offer video examples from current series. In these videos, we explore the concepts outlined in her lectures with keen methodical attention to such story elements such as triangle of the wound, plot, story-telling system, stakes, and obstacles. I recommend Jen’s Storywise Teleseminar  as a “must take” class, for anyone that has a story to tell and who doesn’t want to waste time in learning what the industry is looking for. I want to continue to study with Jen and plan to sign up for one-to-one coaching sessions. I am very excited about this. I felt that I had an opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes workings of the fascinating Hollywood industry. Jen gave me the skills and the confidence to take the next steps in pursuing a writing career.

Cheers and Bliss. Thank you, Jen
Joy Zurzolo, Writer


Jen Grisanti’s master classes, seminars and consultations are packed with insight for the artist and the soul. True inspiration on a deeper level to be sure.  Jen’s knowledge and experience are second to none, but more important, her belief & encouragement in the power of personal stories, teamed with proven formulas for successful screenwriting and storytelling make you roll up your sleeves and do the work. Jen is someone you need in your corner as you embark on the writer’s journey.
Cynthia Palormo, Writer

The Storywise Teleseminar is amazing! Jen understands that the foundation of great storytelling is community and emotional vulnerability. In the teleseminar she has created a safe supportive place for writers from around the world to come together to share and craft our voices. Through her years in the Television community Jen has made amazing contacts with Showrunners. Because those Showrunners love and trust her, and want to support new writers, each week in class one of them listens to our student pitches—live! Pitching was the highlight of the class for me. It’s scary, but Jen gives you a suggested outline for your pitch, and the class and the Showrunners are there to support you with constructive feedback. Before this class I didn’t understand how critical pitching is, and now I am better prepared and actively practicing pitching every day.
Cindi Knapton, Writer

Jen Grisanti’s 10-week Teleseminar is a treasure for TV writers. During the seminar, we met live once a week and participated in a writer’s room simulation.

For the first half of every live class, Jen gives feedback and guidance to writers who are in the process of developing a series. The first week, of course, the group presents a concept, and every following week the process advances until the participants have completed their pilots (including two or more) re-writes. Some participants were able to develop and write two pilots through the duration of the seminar.

For the second half of the class, Jen brings a special guest every week. All guests are accomplished writers, producers, and show-runners with multiple credits in top-tier shows. The guests usually opened by giving career insight and advice, which was followed by a pitch session. During every pitch session, five different writers enrolled in the seminar got to pitch their shows to the special guests, who then gave insightful feedback. For me, this was not only a unique opportunity to interact directly with experienced working writers and producers, but also an incredible way to develop a skill that is fundamental as a writer.

Jen Grisanti’s 10-week Teleseminar is a must for any writer aspiring to staff in a show, and for writers looking to develop, write, pitch, and sell their unique TV series ideas.
Moises Amsel, Writer

Jen Grisanti is so much more than a writing instructor.  Because of Jen, I learned about my personal strengths and weaknesses.  From the business of pitching to story structure, and inspiration to final draft, Jen has given me a boost of self-esteem to become a better writer by becoming a better me.
Joe Wood, Writer

Jen’s Storywise Teleseminar enabled me to see Jen’s writing system applied by level three writers. Each week, I had the opportunity to read a script or concept that focused on elements of Jen’s storytelling system. It was fascinating to see how advanced writers successfully applied Jen’s invaluable storytelling system to a script that grew and developed each week.
Also, Jen invited industry lauded writers to participate each week, and I was able to pitch my “series concept” to a working and acclaimed industry professionals. Jen always encouraged a collaborative community.It is genuinely the most evocative and thought-provoking class that I have taken. Look no further if you have a desire to write.

I look forward to Jen’s one-on-one coaching sessions before she continues with level two in 2020. Bliss and blessings, Jen.
Joy Zurzolo, Writer

“Jen is a gracious and passionate instructor who really knows her stuff!  Her patience with and confidence in her students brings out their best work.  I’ve been working on my own writing portfolio off and on for 15 years and have never finished two scripts so quickly!  Jen helps her students to dig deep and pour their own humor and pathos onto the page.  Really, a magical course!”
Jessica Hill-Contaoi, Writer
This experience is my second time taking this class and plan to take next year! Writing can be a very long lonely path, yet the Storewise Teleseminar immediately places you into a facebook community that is a safe and supportive writer’s community. It is up to you how involved or passive you want to be, and there is no judgment either way. I cannot say how invaluable for the writers’ process this can be as it is non stop resource center, even when the 10-week (soon to be 6 wk?) Teleseminar is complete. Hands down, the best part of the Teleseminar was being able to pitch one on one online live to top-level working writers. No matter what level you are, you have the chance to pitch and get an opportunity to hear feedback from professionals for your pilot pitch. There is nothing like this class out there. Jen and the writer’s community are wholeheartedly the best things that have happened to my confidence in AND outside of writing!
AnnaMaris DeMara, Writer

I recently took Jen Grisanti’s Online Writing for TV Pilot and Spec class. Now, I understand why Jen has so many success stories.  Jen teaches a pilot structure that is applicable and relevant, as well as focusing on the key elements that a TV pilot needs to succeed. Jen gets back to the core reasons for writing in the first place, and helps the writer develop his or her voice. She also encourages the development of a writing community that continues to offer support even after the class is over. For anyone writing a TV Pilot or Spec, I highly recommend Jen Grisanti.
Sarah Poynter, Actor and Screenwriter

After coming close to getting into the WB Writer’s workshop, followed by striking out with all of the programs over the next few years of applying, I felt that I needed some direction to take my talent to the next level. Regardless of what happens with my next application attempts, I can say with full confidence that Jen’s teleseminar and one-on-one consultation have helped me take that next step.

Her methods and philosophies have provided concrete strategies and thought processes to areas that I was just feeling my way through before. During both the teleseminar lessons and meeting with Jen in person to go over my spec, I came away with too many “light bulb” moments to count. I also have a much larger network now, since my fellow teleseminar students are very active in sharing information with each other.

Watching live feedback in action and pitching has a value that one cannot even put a price on. It is not often that writers get to see other writers pitch. Writers have so much access to the advice given on HOW to pitch, but there is so much to learn from other people’s pitches and feedback. Jen reviews the writers of the scripts each week are truly inspirational. I have now seen with my own eyes how Jen’s process truly works – in terms of watching the growth of the writers week to week. Also, the opportunity to pitch to successful working producers/writers is something quite special and unique.  I am grateful to every person’s contribution to this phenomenal process.

Getting up at 3 or 4 am every Tuesday for 10 weeks (time zone issues), was worth every minute. 🙂
Eve Hayes, Writer

Jen’s methods of tapping into your emotions and experiences for story gems have given me tremendous confidence in my writing. As a surprise bonus, those methods have also improved my process as a standup comedian, along with my personal self-awareness. After the boost in confidence Jen’s teleseminar and one-on-one consult provided, I can’t wait to give her the good news once I accomplish that next big step toward my dream.
Lerone Graham, Writer

Four years ago, I took my first Storywise Teleseminar. I was beginning my writing journey and was not nearly as committed as I am now, so I decided to retake it– and I am so happy I did. It was such a pleasure to show up to this class each week, whether I was driving home from work or on the elliptical. So often we are tied up in our own stories, in our writing, that we forget that such a big part of being a writer can see with a clear eye; to give notes; to see from an objective perspective. This is what I learned in this teleseminar, where each week, writers presented us with their treatments, with their outlines, and their pitches. Though I was not yet in the place to pitch, I learned a lot from the weekly guest speakers who gave reliable feedback to those who did a pitch. This class, like everything Jen does, is an A+ in my book. I will come back year after year and hope to participate at different levels so that I can experience the group’s support in my work, too.
Kristina Licare, Writer

No one can help you fill up that blank page with deep emotion, action, and adventure like Jen. Her notes are sharply insightful but they are also inspiring. She provides you with simple instructions to study the craft and simultaneously teaches you how to apply it to your own writing. Your story will weave seamlessly to a larger theme. Your characters will come alive with a broad range of emotion. And when you find that your belief in yourself has run dry, Jen whole-heartedly offers hers. Jen’s encouragement and faith empowers you to realize your potential and visually see how good you are – on the page. The gratifications are immediate, both externally and internally. Under Jen’s guidance you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in just five weeks.
Devanshi Patel, Writer

Jen is the mentor every writer dreams of. She has a gentle way of guiding you to get what’s in your mind onto the page, which for writers can be half the battle. Her Teleseminar is an amazing 5-week blueprint for writing a script you’ll be proud of. If you’re willing to do the work, I guarantee Jen will not only elevate your script to a higher level, she’ll make you a better writer. Her keen insight into what makes stories work allows her to pinpoint those precise areas that need help. Jen’s encouraging nature and the ease at which she pulls gold from your jumbled story make her a sort of story guru. Of all the screenwriting coaches and authors out there, Jen is definitely one you should not pass up.
Jennifer Zinone, TV Writer

The Jen Grisanti Spec & Pilot Teleseminars were the jump-start I needed on waning inspiration to organize my writing schedule and get an insider perspective on the key nuts and bolts of writing a spec and pilot. The classes offered a comprehensive look at both the business side as well as the craft of screenwriting, and her one-on-one attention was always professional and honest. Thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us hopeful up-and-comers!
Karin Maxey, TV Writer

Jen is an incredible guide through what can be a very confusing and turbulent journey.  She takes the complex craft of writing and breaks it down into its clearly defined pieces, honing on on the primal motivations that move characters and audiences alike.  Her notes and critique have pushed me to new levels with each project she’s read.  As a baby writer in this business, having that helping hand in your corner makes a difference.  Jen is warm, welcoming, and balances the sharp insight of her notes with the peaceful zen of her presence.  Writing can be a daunting task, one that often places you in an emotionally vulnerable position.  With Jen at your side that task seems less extreme, and she makes you realize that getting to that vulnerable place is where you’ll find the GOLD of your story.
Keto Shimizu, Executive Producer

I would definitely recommend the Jen Grisanti Pilot Teleseminar to aspiring writers who are, like myself, just diving into the world of writing for television.  I learned so much by witnessing other participants take their ideas from pitch to finished pilot in under six weeks with the expert advice from Ms. Grisanti.
Vanya Asher, Actor/Writer

You can spend hours upon hours, draft after draft, trying to bang your pilot into a predetermined shape or fit your story into a formula.  Jen’s special talent as a teacher — really, as a spirit guide for story — is to show you how to find structure and emotion.  The elements of story that might look mechanical are right there inside your characters, and if you listen to them (and to her), you can let them out.
Michelle Chihara & Josh Joy Kamensky, NBC-Uni Writers on the Verge

Jen, This has been such an inspirational five weeks.  Your guidance through the narrative, spiritual and emotional process of writing a new pilot from scratch has helped me immensely – not only on this project – but also with all my work going forward.  Instead of being exhausted by the process, I am only energized!
Ryan Harris, Writer

There isn’t anything like the expertise, personalized guidance and motivating services experienced while taking Jen’s Spec Teleseminar.  Writing my spec under Jen’s guidance was a remarkably positive experience.  With the helpful handouts, poignant tips, timely deadlines and invaluable notes, I couldn’t help but to write my best sample, even far beyond my expectations.  Jen helped me to take my spec writing to the next level!  I unreservedly and highly recommend any of Jen’s services for any writer who wants to further their writing and experience “Spec Writing” success!
Natasha TASH Gray, NBC-Uni Writers on the Verge

“Having worked with Jen both with private consults and attended her previous live Storywise seminars, I decided to take both her spec and original pilot ones and I can tell you, every session was fantastic and inspiring for me.  Jen helped me as a TV writer (still does) by approaching story from a holistic point of view and that is very unique.  Her groundbreaking method taught me tremendous insights into the process of storytelling, screenwriting, the business side of Television but primarily, to dig deeper into my own life-experience to pick those hidden gold nuggets that took my writing into a much higher level.  You owe it to yourself as a creative writer to go through “The Jen Grisanti Experience”…you’ll never know what hit you!
Gustavo  A. Garzon, Writer/Director

I want to express immense gratitude for the impact you are having on my voice in writing. I NEVER would have even contemplated actually writing. I received your workbook and spoke with you; and as a result I have been actually begun writing, finding my voice, and my inner myth(I Love Joseph Cambell). It really is an ASSET to be finding my voice with this WEALTH of guidance I am receiving from your workbook, consultation, and blogs. I have never really felt so natural and driven since I started writing like this. Thank you! I also very much appreciate the encouragement on the phone and the path you have provided. I am looking forward to the Teleseminar and I believe you will see your impact you have had when read the revised script. Thank You Jen Grisanti!
Benjamin Yoblick



This seminar is well worth it! There are hundreds of books you could read on story or just come to the seminar and learn it all at once! Jen had PictureStorywiseSeminarJenandPanel2LK0J8276excellent insight on not only the structure of story but how to look inward on your own experiences to develop engaging, creative stories. She shares her industry experience, giving invaluable career tips and tricks. On top of it all, she brings in a panel of industry experts from agents, execs, producers and writers, allowing for you to get your personal questions answered. Jen inspired me to get my butt in gear and turn my ideas into a career!
Whitney Dunn – Writer/Editor

Thinking about writing a TV pilot? Then you really ought to think about taking this seminar. If you’re new to the writing game, you’ll receive info that will save you many hours of trial and error at the computer. If you have a few scripts (or staff jobs) under your belt, you will find yourself de-jaded as you’re reminded of why you started writing in the first place. Yes, Jen does do an excellent job of arming you with the basics about writing that tricky bastard we call the pilot script. But then she goes further, showing you how to draw story from your experience and the way you see the world. Which…lucky us…is exactly what Hollywood is looking for! Jen also creates a sense of community, reminding you that though we’ve chosen a difficult career — we’re all in it together.
Jonathan Robert Kaplan, Writer
NYPD Blue, JAG, lonelygirl15

“Jen Grisanti’s Storywise TV Pitch and Pilot Seminar is the REAL thing. Jen’s experience as a TV executive, coupled with her firm command on the subject and most importantly, her passionate love for STORY and personal focus on the writer’s hidden world make the seminar an amazing journey into the complex craft of Television writing while opening the gates to the path of self-discovery. Without any doubts, the best TV and Film seminar/course I’ve ever taken in my life! Well done, Jen!”
Gustavo A Garzon, Writer/ Director

HeadshotJenStorywiseSeminarLK0J8227-3“I took Jen’s first Storywise Seminar and was inspired. Using what she taught, I wrote a script from a place of joy and freedom. It was an amazing feeling. I just had the privilege of attending Jen’s Storywise Pitch and Pilot Seminar and was blown away. No one knows what Jen knows and she is a master communicator. During the lecture I experienced two “aha” moments and have already begun to apply them to my pilot script. Jen Grisanti is a gift to us all..”

Jim Bontempo
Co-Writer of the award winning play: “A Place at Forest Lawn”

“Jen’s Pitch and Pilot Seminar was not only informative, as she definitely knows her stuff, but her passion for story and helping writers understand what makes a story great is palpable as she guides you through the steps. Her encouragement, warmth and honesty is quite refreshing in a town that can be quite unwelcoming, cynical and overwhelming at times, especially for a new writer such as myself.”
Pamela Brown, Writer

“Jen doesn’t tell you what to do, she makes you think and understand what you need to do. You come to your own conclusions and that’s how you learn. Hers are not simple notes, they are deep reasoning. Her thoughts are open, and so are her mind and heart. I’m a HUGE fan! -can you tell?”
Paco Bordy, Writer



An anxious and eclectic mix of students from all walks of life chat amongst themselves. Nervous anticipation spices their interactions.

And then she enters — JEN GRISANTI, (40s), soulful eyes, delightfully petite, and in control —

She takes the stage, pauses a minute…is it nervousness? No. Composure. She proceeds to tell two touching stories about how she got to the business. And from the moment she revealed a personal crisis that she triumphed over, she had the class. And me.

But then she stunned the class full of world-weary seminar-vets when she asked this one question…

— sum up your life in one logline. This caused a murmuring that skittered across the audience as they realized the significance of this exercise. It meant that if you reduce yourself, a three dimensional person to your core struggle, you could then use that core struggle to enhance your characters.

Simple. Subtle. Satisfying.


-Hey Jen thanks again!

Kamafi Adio Byrd
Funk Prophat FIlms

Jennifer Grisanti brings an abundance of hard-to-get information and advice on the business and technique of writing for screen and television; all delivered with her extremely attractive and approachable personality. Attended by already-successful and newbie writers alike, Grisanti’s Storywise Seminar attracts some of the industry’s top executives as speakers, which makes this a must-attend event for both trade craft and networking. I highly recommend this for both professionals and newcomers.
Gato Scatena – VP Marketing –

Jennifer Grisanti’s “Storywise Seminar” is a gift no writer, director or creative executive should deny themselves. The inaugural session was inspiring, moving, uplifting, and life affirming. Jen’s approach to the work is intelligent, thoughtful and real. The guest speakers were gracious, informative and truly interested in us. The day was, in a word, amazing and I advise anyone who is serious about their craft to get on the list for the next seminar!
James Bontempo – Co-Writer of the Award Winning play, “A Place at Forest Lawn”

With the “Storywise Seminar,” Jen unlocks key elements to the process of scriptwriting. In just one day, she presents a rich array of essential materials, guiding the writer through definitive discoveries about our stories. Her selection of engaging industry professionals revealed inside tips and tales, and her workbook offers a toolbox full of resources. This event uncovers Jen’s unique approach, inspiring and motivating the writer to transform the written page.
Roberta Cruger – Writer

Jen’s first story seminar set the bar high for her future seminars: it was tremendous! She brought the day-long event to life with the story of her journey in this business and by reminding us of our own unique inspiration that brings us to the page day in and day out. Jen then infused the day with crucial information about the creative challenges and rewards of being a professional writer and director; and the fabulous TV and film executives she brought in shared generously their insight about what it takes to work in this industry. Jen — a passionate advocate for stories and those of us who tell them — truly delivers.
Jude Roth – Writer, PAGE int’l finalist, Slamdance & Cinestory semifinalist, Austin second rounder

To participate as a sponsor of this existing and informational seminar, call Joann at 213-369-1510 or via e-mail at


Jen Grisanti’s podcasts shatter the wall between writers trying to break into “the biz” and those who have already made it there. If you’re trying to find your voice, trying to stay motivated, or trying to overcome confidence issues, you’re sure to find more than a handful of genuine breakthrough moments in each audio download. And if you’re like me, at least one or two guests will have stories that specifically
resonate with your exact situation – whether you’re just starting out in your writing or already shopping your work.

Jen’s podcasts have given me more useful and inspiring information than I have received in courses that have cost hundreds of dollars. They have been instrumental in keeping me focused, motivated, and inspired and have convinced me again and again that the struggles, the doubts and fear are not only universal, but are a necessary part of the journey that can be accepted, channeled and overcome. What a comforting gift that lesson is, and how even more remarkable that it is given for free.

I can’t thank you and your guests enough, Jen. This is an amazing service you’re providing for all writers.
Aaron Clow, Writer

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how your podcasts have helped me in my writing journey. I am a screenwriter from Down Under, Sydney to be precise, and was led to your podcasts through my thirst for understanding screen story and learning from your experiences and those of your guests.

The podcasts became addictive. I could not wait for the next one. The laptop would be hooked up to my amplifier and your opening and closing theme music would signal your arrival and departure. Even while freelancing in Berlin, Germany, I would play the next podcast and the neighbourhood would know what time it was. I would even groove to the opening music, bumping and grinding, floating my hands up and down like gangster rapper.

Over the years I worked on my own feature scripts and spec television episodes. The craft would develop, all with the firm goal of doing my time, approaching those 10,000 hours. I completed my original television pilot, developed a treatment for my next feature script, the whole time your podcasts were never far away. Six months later I found myself mentored by a writer on Australia’s number one television drama and in three weeks I move to Los Angeles to develop my next feature script at the UCLA Professional Scriptwriting Program.

I think I’ve now past the 10,000 hours mark but moving to Los Angeles for the next year, developing my craft, will be all worth it and help move me towards my next 10,000. You just have to promise me to keep those podcasts going, because when I arrive, I want to hear that opening beat, move my hands up and down, bump and grind around the laptop.

Thank you so much Jen, I hope to catch up with you at one of your seminars, Friday night drinks, or conferences. I’ll the the guy bumping and grinding in the background.
Will Kuether