This page is dedicated to the people and services I recommend to bring you the success you envision.  They will help take you there.

Suzie Roth – Suzie Roth Designs

Suzie Roth is like a business partner to me.  She is the best business decision I made with opening my company.

Suzie Roth Designs is a full-service creative services company.  Their mission is to transform inspired concepts into effective designs that deliver value to their clients and their customers.  I can attest to being one very happy customer!


Karin is a creative copywriter. She is an amazing writer. I highly recommend her services.


       Liz Thompson is a writer and consultant. She has sold 1 pilot and does development work with staffed writers, producers,     and development execs on pilots and features. She offers development notes, pitch consults, and 1:1 career coaching and writing mentorships for writers of all levels.

Contact: /


       Sara Norcott is a writer, editor, and content creator with an MFA in Writing for Stage & Screen. With over 10 years of experience creating content for businesses and brands, including Fortune 500 and 100 companies, she approaches scripts with precision, excellence, and an emphasis on how a story resonates with an audience. Sara offers story notes, script editing services, and personalized story consulting. Contact:




David Schwartz
My friend David Schwartz recently opened his own law practice, DRS Law Group, in Beverly Hills.  The law practice focuses on helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow and succeed, concentrating on Internet, technology, intellectual property, entertainment, corporate, and business law.  David has significant hands-on experience in these areas, and is looking to expand his client base. So if you, or people that you know, are in need of assistance with contracts, business operations, licensing, website policies, talent agreements, and product development and marketing agreements, please keep David in mind.  Here’s a link to his website which describes my practice in greater detail and has all of his contact info on his website.


Stephanie Scholz
Stephanie has done the make-up and hair for all of my most recent photos. Here is her website. She is AMAZING!

Kristina Tabb
Kristina does AMAZING color.



       Jackie DeCrinis

I worked with Jackie in the entertainment business. We covered a show together when I was at CBS/Paramount, and Jackie was at USA Network. I loved working with her. She has a fierce commitment to getting a strong outcome. Jackie went to the highest level as an executive before starting her life coaching business. She is beloved.

“I started by becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor, but I realized that teaching ways to find balance in your body was just one piece of the puzzle. So I explored how I could help bring all the pieces together, and I became Certified Life & Health Coach.

Now my mission is to help others make changes to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. I look forward to the opportunity to helping you achieve your dreams as well.”

Deb Colden – Executive Coach

Deb inspires me to believe that anything is possible.  She gives you support, encouragement and practical solutions to get you where you want to go.  She is an incredible coach, friend and visionary.

Deb Colden is an executive coach and 20 year veteran of the high tech industry.  Prior to starting Deb Colden coaching, she was an internal consulting practice manager and leadership coach with Hewlet-Packard Company.


Need a health care advocate? If you or a family member is facing serious illness, upcoming surgery or long-term rehab, Patient Advocacy Services are case management specialists ensuring your care is organized and effective. We work with you, your providers and the insurance company. Visit us today at We can help you or a member of your family!