Storywise 10-Week TV Spec & Pilot Teleseminar 2018 – Begins Tuesday, March 6th 7:00 pm PST ONLINE

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Classes begin on Tuesday March 6th at 7:00 pm ONLINE and go through May 15, 2018

This is a 10-week program designed to help you write a high quality TV pilot AND spec script. In 10-weeks, I will teach you how to learn to write at a level that will help lead your script to a sale, get staffed on a show, place in a writing competition or get into one of the various writing programs. This course is everything that I teach in Writers on the Verge and more.

Last year we had over 100 writer participants from all over the world. You will not only learn all of the story tools that you need to succeed, you will gain the opportunity to be in a private community of writers. This community is a very valuable resource. You all will have the opportunity to learn from one another via networking, exchanging scripts and possibly starting your own writer groups.

I’ve seen the success from this course first-hand. Many of the writers who have taken this 10-week course have gone on to sell pilots, get staffed on TV shows and get into several of the prestigious writing programs. Fifty-Two of my writers have sold pilots… and 6 of them have gone to series.

Each class will consist of a half-hour of instruction (you will receive these videos before each class to watch at your leisure.) Each call is approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours in length. On each call, we will go over the notes for the 4 writers participating at Level #3 and I will choose one writer from Level 2 or Level 4 each week to participate. You will have an opportunity to read their scripts and make your own notes each week. You will also get to share your notes with those writers directly. This is what we do in Writers on the Verge. It is a way to prepare you for being in the Writers’ Room. Then, five people that sign up each week will get an opportunity to pitch to a guest speaker. We all learn from hearing others pitch. This part of the program was designed to help you learn from the pitching style of others as well as give you the opportunity to pitch yourself. It’s an invaluable tool. Every level will have an opportunity to sign up for this.


At Level 1, you get to participate in all 10 classes. You will receive a recording of the classes. You will have an opportunity to sign up to pitch to my weekly guest speakers. You get to be part of a private Facebook community. You will also get to turn in a 1-2 page pitch document on your TV spec and TV pilot script. You will receive written feedback. You have up to a year after the course is finished to turn this in.

Regular rate – $375.00



Rate for writers who have taken this before – $225.00




At Level 2, you get to participate in all 10 classes. You will receive a recording of the classes. You will have an opportunity to sign up to pitch to my weekly guest speakers. You get to be part of a private Facebook community. This level also includes a one-on-one consult for your TV spec and/or TV Pilot script.

Level 2 w/ TV Pilot Consult

Regular Rate – $1,050.00

For Alumni of my Storywise Teleseminar – $900.00


Level 2 w/ TV Spec Consult

Regular Rate – $875.00


For Alumni of my Storywise Teleseminar – $775.00


Level 2 w/ TV Pilot and Spec Consult

Regular Rate – $1,600.00


For Alumni of my Storywise Teleseminar – $1,275.00



At Level 3, you will receive feedback every week on your TV spec and/or TV pilot script. This includes written and verbal feedback. You will receive a recording of the classes. You will have an opportunity to sign up to pitch to my weekly guest speakers. You get to be part of a private Facebook community.


For the first time, I am going to offer you the option of not writing a TV spec. You can either write one TV pilot during the 10 weeks or you can write 2 TV pilots during the 10 weeks.


There are only 4 SLOTS for this level: two for drama and two for comedy. If you are interested in applying, you will need to submit 10 pages of a script. The submission deadline is 1/31/18. I will select 4 submissions out of everyone that submits and announce these slots in February. The rate for Level 3 is $3,000.00.


The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is January 31, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. PST.



At Level 4, you will receive written/verbal notes back every week on your scripts. This includes an in person or online meeting every week either alongside the teleseminar or as you prefer. You will receive a recording of the classes. You will have an opportunity to sign up to pitch two times to my weekly guest speakers. You get to be part of a private Facebook community.

There are only 4 slots available at this level.





The Level #3 writing assignments will be due the Saturday before each class. Everyone at each level will receive a copy of the assignments turned in by the Level #3 writers so that they may follow along as well as provide notes directly to the Level#3 writer.


Levels #1 and #2, you will do the assignments on your own. No direct feedback is provided; however, this is where you can use the Facebook community of writers to exchange scripts weekly and get feedback.




Week 1 – Tuesday March 6, 2018

We will go over the notes for the concepts of the spec scripts for Level #3.

Guest SpeakerDan O’Shannon, Executive Producer (SUPERIOR DONUTS, THE ODD COUPLE, MODERN FAMILY…)


Week 2, Tuesday March 13, 2018

We will go over the notes for the outline of the spec scripts for Level #3.

Guest SpeakerMatt Nix, Executive Producer  (THE GIFTED, BEN 10, APB, COMPLICATIONS, BURN NOTICE…)


Week 3, Tuesday March 20, 2018

We will go over the notes for the first draft of the spec scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speakers – Brian C. Singleton & Jim Brandon, Co-Executive Producers (DR. KEN, ANGEL FROM HELL, BIG TIME IN HOLLYWOOD FL., THE MCCARTHYS)

WEEK 4, Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We will go over the notes for the second draft of the spec scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speaker – Michael Narducci, Executive Producer (THE ORIGINALS, VAMPIRE DIARIES, MEDIUM…)




WEEK 5, Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We will go over the notes for the third draft of the spec scripts for Level #3.

Guest SpeakerMike Scully, Co-Executive Producer (THE SIMPSONS, THE CARMICHAEL SHOW, PARKS & RECREATION..)


WEEK 6, Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We will go over the notes for the concepts for the pilot scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speaker – Liz Benjamin, Co-Executive Producer (UNREAL, BLOOD & OIL, THE BLACKLIST, BONES…)


WEEK 7, Tuesday April 24, 2018

We will go over the notes for the outlines for the pilot scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speakers – TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, Co-Excecutive Producers (ANIMAL KINGDOM, SHOOTER, NARCOS…)


WEEK 8, Tuesday May 1, 2018

We will go over the notes for the first draft or first half of the first draft of the TV pilot scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speaker – Justin W. Lo, Supervising Producer (THE BLOOD TYPE, NO TOMORROW, MISTRESSES, PARENTHOOD…)


WEEK 9, Tuesday May 8, 2018

We will go over the notes for the second draft or full-first draft of the TV pilot scripts for Level #3.



WEEK 10, Tuesday May 15, 2018

We will go over the notes for the third draft of the TV pilot scripts for Level #3.

Guest Speaker – Jackie De Crinis, President Jackie De Crinis Productions, former senior level Development executive at USA

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Webinar on 9/21 w/ EIACE – Power Up Webinar – Comedy, TV writing, Representation, Writing Action Lines & Cinematic Storytelling

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eiACE Power-Up Webinar – Sept. 21 – 4PM PT

The third installment in the Power-Up Webinar Series features Dan Calvisi, Jen Grisanti,

Lee Jessup and David Misch. These industry-leading educators will provide instruction

through 20-minute segments, live at the Relativity School Studio in LA.

Dan Calvisi – Write Great Description Paragraphs – Learn From The Masters!

A lot is written about the art of dialogue, but what about the equal challenge

of writing great description/action? Citing examples from modern masters like

Christopher Nolan, Vince Gilligan, Shonda Rhimes and Quentin Tarantino,

Dan Calvisi will explore the mechanics, formatting and execution of this crucial

element of the screenplay. Dan will also lead the class in writing the introduction of a famous movie

character, to be compared to the actual text from the original screenplay.

Jen Grisanti – Writing A TV Pilot That Sells: Setting Up The Series And Season One

Through The Arc Of The Wound

In this talk, Jen Grisanti will go over how to set up the series and season one arc by

creating a strong arc of the wound for the central character. It is when the personal

dilemma links to the professional pursuit and the pilot arc is one step toward healing

the wound that we root for the outcome and emotionally connect to the story. Jen

will discuss the season arcs for FLEABAG (Amazon), RIVER (Netflix) and HAPPY VALLEY (Netflix).

Lee Jessup – Representation Rundown

This will cover everything you ever wanted to know about agents and managers,

including how to get the right representation, what to expect from your agent vs.

what your can expect from your manager, how much you should pay them, what

they will expect from you, and what you can do to motivate them.

David Misch – How “How Comedy Works” Works

My seminar “How Comedy Works” makes a unique guarantee in the world of

screenwriting seminars: it gives you absolutely no help with screenwriting. HCW,

as we in the office like to call it (Note: There is no office), is about comedy as an

art form; what it is, what it means and how it works. Why take time with that instead

of figuring out why your 2nd act sucks?, I hear no one asking. Because learning how comedy works will

help you do it better. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This talk will show how looking at

comedy not screenwriting can help your screenwriting; how contemporary comedy goes back to ancient

Greece (and yes, I’m looking at you, fart and vomit jokes); and the precision, skill and ingenuity that

comedy requires. Most of all, this talk explains why everyone who says examination kills comedy is

not only wrong but should be killed, and shows how comedy principles translate into actual laughter.

So, y’know, forget that stuff about no help.

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Webinar with The Writers Store on September 14 at 1:00 p.m. – Staying True to The Core Concept of Your Series

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Staying True to the Core Concept of Your Series

At a Glance

  • During this webinar, you will learn tools to set up your concept and your season arcs.
  • Discover how creating strong external and internal questions will bring your audience back.
  • Jen will illustrate the significance of staying true to your core concept.

Please note: Each registration comes with access to the recorded version of the program and the materials for one year. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation.


Have you struggled with figuring out how to build the concept of your show through creating a strong season arc? In this course, Jen Grisanti will go over how to set up a strong season arc that will best illustrate the concept of your show. Then, she will explain how staying true to this core concept connects you with your audience.

The core concept often has an external and an internal component. The external gives you a sense of the world. The internal has to do with the dynamics of the people that infiltrate that world.

When you create strong questions that have to do with the external and the internal world, you create anticipation. When the audience feels the anticipation, you give them a reason to return.

By understanding why your character wants what they want for the episode and the season, you bring us into the emotional component of your story and give us a glimpse into the intention of your concept.

Jen will cover old shows and new shows including – HOMELAND, THE GOOD WIFE, HAPPY VALLEY, SILICON VALLEY and TRANSPARENT.


  • How to have your season arc best reflect what your concept is.
  • How to create powerful questions.
  • How to set up the WHY the character wants WHAT they want.
  • How to stay true to the core concept that you set up.
  • How to build compelling season arcs.


  • Writers who are writing TV pilots.
  • Writers who want to understand more about how to take their story to a deeper place.
  • Writers who want to know how to better connect with their audience on an emotional level.
  • Writers who have great ideas but don’t know how to execute them.
  • Writers that want to sell their pilots.


All you need is a computer or iOS device, and an internet connection. You’ll be able to view the presentation and listen to the audio over computer speakers; however, you’ll enjoy much better audio quality if you use a telephone. See below for complete system requirements.

To test your connection before the live webinar, visit this web page.

BONUS: With purchase of this webinar, you will receive $79.99 off of a yearly subscription to the Screenwriting Tutorials website, which has specialized tutorials from experts that explore screenwriting topics covered nowhere else on the web!

Product Details

Meet the Author: Jen Grisanti

International speaker Jen Grisanti is an acclaimed Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a former 12-year studio executive, including VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount, blogger for The Huffington Post and author of the books, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story and TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells and her new book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path To Your Success.

Grisanti started her career in 1992 as an assistant to Aaron Spelling, who served as her mentor for 12 years, and she quickly climbed the ranks and eventually ra…

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Rocaberti Writers Retreat – July 6-11, 2018

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The Rocaberti Writers Retreat


July 6th-11th, 2018
Marouatte Castle,
The Dordogne,

Making the impossible happen

Have you ever dreamed of writing a novel and seeing it come to life on the silver screen?

Or maybe you’ve already published your book and are wondering about how to turn it into a screenplay?

Seems impossible, right?

Well, the answer, is, NO! Nothing is impossible, and on this one-of-a-kind writers’ retreat, at the beautiful 14th century Marouatte Castle in the Dordogne, Southwestern France we’ll show you just how your words, your vision—let’s face it, your baby—can make it all the way to the big screen!


The first Rocaberti Retreat, held in March 2016, completely transcended all expectations: out of the eleven writers who attended, one had her script optioned before the end of the retreat, two are currently in the midst of negotiations for their script or book to be optioned and deals are in the works for several others … the impossible did happen, and it happened at Rocaberti!

Here’s what Georgia Clark, winner of the first Rocaberti Scholarship, said about her Rocaberti experience:

“I was honored to be awarded the scholarship for the inaugural Rocaberti Writers Retreat. My mentor was simply fabulous: experienced, generous, warm, funny and insightful. We made great headway on helping turn my new adult fiction THE REGULARS into a feature film. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, and all in Spain!”

And the second Rocaberti Retreat surpassed even the first (there’s even a reality TV show in the works, involving one of the special guests)!

Attendees called the retreat, “A magical, miraculous event”, “The experience of a lifetime”, “The best decision I’ve ever made” and “Life-changing.”

But let the writers speak for themselves!

“The Rocaberti Writers’ Retreat was a smashing success. The accommodations in a medieval castle near the Mediterranean sea in Spain, meals by a chef, Tai Chi and meditation, a visit from royalty, intrigue and after-parties all created lasting memories. The teaching blew away my expectations. We had experts in agency representation, production, story structure, screenwriting, pitching, book and memoir writing, book proposals, and career advice. A combination of lectures and individual mentoring sharpened my knowledge of the craft of writing and how this industry works. Thanks to Claire and her colleagues it’s a trip I will cherish forever.”
–Betty Sullivan (October 2016)

Click here for photos & more testimonials from previous retreats

Your July 2018 Rocaberti Retreat mentors include million-dollar screenwriter Diane Drake (WHAT WOMEN WANT with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt and ONLY YOU with Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei); Jen Grisanti, former Studio Executive and VP of Current Programs at CBS/Paramount and now a highly-sought after Story and Career Consultant; award-winning Italian screenwriter, Roberto Marchionni (‘Menotti’), nominated for an Italian Oscar for THEY CALL ME JEEG and film financing and international distribution expert Scott Collette, who is now an in-demand writer and story consultant, with six projects in development.

We’ve joined forces because we want to help show you how to bring your “literary twins”—your book and screenplay—to life! Not only how to finish writing them (an art in itself, as anyone who has an unfinished manuscript or screenplay lying around their home will tell you!) but also how to have them successfully published … and made into a movie!

You’ll be part of a small and exclusive group of a maximum of no more than 16 writers at the retreat.

Through focused, practical presentations in the mornings, afternoon mentoring sessions, evening social events—and with a mentor/writer ratio of approximately 1:4—you’ll learn how to tell your story on the page and on the screen, and be one step closer to seeing your dream come to life!



Write. Engage. Experience.

Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte

Sound enticing? We’re inviting writers of fiction, non-fiction, and for the screen to come join us for what promises to be a memorable (and productive!) experience. Enrollment is limited to just 16 guests to ensure small class size and maximum access to our mentors.

Picture yourself staying at a 14th century castle (how’s that for inspiration?). Participating in stimulating workshops. Enjoying a glass of wine with a screenwriter who has written the second highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time or a former Paramount Studio Exec. Sharing your work with others for constructive feedback. Just taking the time to breathe—and to write, away from the demands of your daily routine. Imagine the conversations that might unfold daily around the breakfast table or on a walk round the castle grounds.

Whether you’ve written a book, are working on a screenplay—or are just thinking about it!—wherever you are in the process, we’re here to help you move forward and show you that dreams can become reality!

This retreat is for you if…

  • You’re working on a book/screenplay combination or have an idea for one.
  • You have a book and want to turn it into a screenplay or vice-versa—or sell it directly to Hollywood.
  • You’re unsure how to get your book/screenplay in front of agents and producers.
  • You’re serious about completing your project and making your dream come true!

The retreat includes…

Reserve my place, and the mentor of my choice, now



The retreat commences the evening of Friday, July 6th, with welcome cocktails, dinner and then, with a glass of fine wine in hand, a group discussion about writing in the castle’s historical salon.

Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte

Please reserve my spot at the retreat


Your accommodation

When you go on a retreat to focus on your writing, you want a place which both inspires you and strengthens your commitment to your craft. (And if it happens to make you feel like royalty, while doing so? All the better!)

Which is why we chose the spectacular Marouatte Castle, in the heart of Southwestern France.

Each room is exquisitely decorated and each writer will have their own private room.

Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte
Château Marouatte

Your Rocaberti Retreat Mentors

Diane Drake

Diane Drake is an accomplished professional screenwriter, writing instructor, story consultant, speaker, and author. Prior to becoming a screenwriter, Diane served as Vice President of Creative Affairs for Academy Award-winning director/producer Sydney Pollack. Her first produced original script, ONLY YOU, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Marisa Tomei, sold for one million dollars, while her second produced script, WHAT WOMEN WANT, starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, is the second highest grossing romantic comedy of all time. In addition, both films have recently been remade in China featuring major Chinese stars.

Diane is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America and has been an instructor/speaker/panelist for the Austin Film Festival, UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, Scriptwriter’s Network, Story Development Group, University Club, and Writer’s Store. She has also served as a judge for the Austin Film Festival, UCLA Extension Contest, and The Humanitas Prize. She recently released her debut book, Get Your Story Straight: A Step-By-Step Guide To Screenwriting By A Million Dollar Screenwriter, (Reel Life Publishing, May 2016).

International speaker Jen Grisanti is an acclaimed Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, former 12-year studio executive, including VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount, blogger for The Huffington Post and author of the books, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story and TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells and her new book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path To Your Success.

Grisanti started her career in 1992 as an assistant to Aaron Spelling, who served as her mentor for 12 years, and she quickly climbed the ranks and eventually ran Current Programs at Spelling Television Inc., covering all of Spelling’s shows including Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place and Charmed. In 2004, Grisanti was promoted to Vice President of Current Programs at CBS/Paramount where she covered numerous shows, including Medium, Numbers, NCIS, 4400 and Girlfriends.

In January 2008, Grisanti launched Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., a highly successful consulting firm dedicated to helping talented writers break into the industry. Drawing on her experience as a studio executive where she gave daily notes to executive producers/showrunners, Grisanti personally guides writers to shape their material, hone their pitches and focus their careers. Since launching the consulting firm, Grisanti has worked with over 800 writers specializing in television, features and novels. Due to her expertise and mentorship, seventy-five of her writers have staffed on television shows and forty have sold pilots, five that that went to series.

Jen Grisanti
Roberto "Menotti" Marchionni

Menotti (the pen name of Roberto Marchionni) works in Rome, has lived in Germany but was born in Italy a long time ago.

He studied Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, Semiotics in Berlin, Germany and Filmmaking in New York (NYU).

As an award-winning comic book artist, Menotti has worked for Italian and international magazines, such as Frigidaire, Comic Art, Il Manifesto, Cyborg, Mondo Naif and Blue. He also co-created the graphic novel Europa, published by Black Velvet.

As a screenwriter, he’s written several successful TV series, from Un posto al sole to Incantesimo, L’onore e il rispetto, La squadra and 7 Vite.

Besides other short and feature films, Menotti co-wrote Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot (‘They Call Me Jeeg Robot’), the first Italian superhero film, nominated for best screenplay and winner of seven statuettes at the David di Donatello Awards 2016.

Scott Collette is a writer and story consultant with a background in pre-sales film financing and international distribution.

Collette started his career working for legendary producer Mark Damon at Foresight Unlimited, where he worked his way up to Executive Director, Sales and Distribution and was responsible for the international sales of Foresight’s titles in multiple territories in East Europe and Asia.

In addition to sales, Collette negotiated the majority of Foresight’s international licensing agreements and helped facilitate all production finance closings. These titles include Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor, Rob Reiner’s And So It Goes, 2 Guns, The Ledge, Flypaper, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, and Rob Cohen’s upcoming Category 5.

In 2013, Collette was invited to speak at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) to share his experience and knowledge of film distribution with the U.S. Department of Defense, aiming to educate the Department as to how private industries go about conducting business in fragile and emerging marketplaces around the globe.

Having never surrendered his passion for writing, Collette shifted gears with his career after writing multiple projects on spec and was hired by Hydra Entertainment as writer in 2015 to help a creative team develop a big budget, special effects-heavy feature (the details of which are currently under wraps).

Collette is currently in development on multiple television and feature projects, while also writing a novel.

Scott Collette
Claire Terry

Claire Elizabeth Terry is your Rocaberti Retreat host and moderator and is a British screenwriter, travel writer and novelist.

After graduating, she worked for several years in British theatre, where she fought for, and won, the right to become the first female stage-hand at the Royal National Theatre, London.

Short-listed for the Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize, Claire has also written for the Rough Guides travel series.

In 2008, Claire conceived, compiled and edited The Art of Living: a Practical Guide to Being Alive, published by Kairós Publishers in both English and Spanish, the profits from which are donated to Green Cross International, the environmental organization founded by Mikhail Gorbachev.

The book includes contributions from Michael Douglas, Desmond Tutu, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Mario Vargas Llosa, Richard Branson, Mikhail Gorbachev and several members of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations.

Claire is also the founder and president of the website and not-for-profit of the same name, The Art of Living Guide. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, the former Director General of UNESCO, sits on the Honorary Board.

She is the screenwriter and executive producer of the upcoming film ROSES, about four friends from all over the world, whose lives are transformed when a rose is secretly drawn for each of the women.

The film is being produced by Golan Ramraz and Adam Sherer of Boom Picture Company and Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment. George Parra, the Executive Producer of Silver Linings Playbook, Nebraska, The Descendants and Sideways, is attached to direct.

Claire’s novel of the movie, I Draw Roses was published in 2013.


Special Guests

Jason Chan

Jason Chan is a spiritual master and healer whose energy and teachings have transformed and enlightened the lives of hundreds of his close students, as well as touching the lives of thousands more spiritual seekers who have attended his courses, retreats, workshops and demonstrations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Thailand.

He is also the author of The Radiant Warrior (Hay House 2009), Infinite Abundance (2012 and winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2013) and Infinite Awakening (2015).

Jason was voted Most Inspirational Individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. In their 21st Anniversary Awards, Kindred Spirit said: “Jason has quietly, with dignity and integrity, worked tirelessly to help others find inner peace and balance”. For over thirty years, Jason has dedicated his life to passing on the benefit of his “Infinite Arts” program, including vitality, natural health, inner strength and removing blockages to allow creativity to flow naturally.

As Jason says: “Looking at life from the highest possible view, we can see that there is a definite order in all that happens in nature and the universe. We form part of nature and it follows we’re affected by the same patterns, cycles, flow, change and movement of the natural laws. And it is from these ancient sources of wisdom, that creativity also flows naturally and abundantly.”

Jason will be leading morning meditation and offering optional afternoon workshops on Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung (energy work), creating the perfect environment in which we can gently still our minds and experience the true creativity which arises when we do so.

As one of the music industry’s most influential figures, Miles Copeland has a career in the business that stretches back more than 40 years.

In London, during the 1970s, he represented Wishbone Ash, Joan Armatrading and all sides of progressive rock until he jumped ship, landed in the turbulent ocean of punk, and worked with the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Blondie, along with many other seminal bands.

In 1978, Miles became the manager for his brother Stewart’s band, The Police, who became one of the biggest bands of the 1980s. The success of The Police and the novel methods used to break them brought Miles to found I.R.S. Records.

During the next few years, the company had hits with REM, The Buzzcocks, The English Beat, The Cramps, Fine Young Cannibals, Wall of Voodoo, Timbuk 3 and a Number One album with the all-girl group, The Go-Gos.

He continued to manage Sting (solo) through seven blockbuster albums, along with The Bangles and Squeeze. Eventually, he introduced Sting to Algerian Raï singer, Cheb Mami. Their collaboration bloomed with “Desert Rose” whose worldwide success was attributed to Miles’ innovative corporate deal with Jaguar.

Miles can rightfully claim to having been responsible for the sale of over $1.5 billion of recorded music sales and over $500 million in ticket sales.

Miles also successfully ran his own film production company, IRS Media, producing over 35 movies, including Billy Bob Thornton’s directorial debut, One False Move.

Currently, he owns and operates CIA – Copeland International Arts, which is comprised of a record company, music publishing, merchandise and performing arts properties.

Additionally, Miles also co-hosts a yearly song writing retreat with ASCAP at his castle in France, the lastest song written being the Number One hit, “Somethin’ Bad” sung by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

Miles Copeland

Please reserve my place, and the mentor of my choice, now

The retreat is $3,499 per person, including 5 nights’ accommodation at Château Marouatte, all meals and drinks, all tuition and round-trip transportation between Angoulême train station and the castle.



Final Draft Logo
Bacardi Martini Logo
Freixenet Logo
London Film Academy Rocaberti Writers Sponsor
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2 Days, 30 Speakers, Free Online

The Script Lab is launching its first ever Screenwriting Virtual Summit – a FREE weekend of lectures and interviews with Oscar-winning filmmakers and Emmy-winning TV writers! And best of all, it’s FREE to register for two days of access to this amazing content.


Plus, we’re excited to highlight Jen Grisanti, with an in-depth interview available to all registrants!

Register Free

Speakers include…


Scott Neustadter is an acclaimed screenwriter and producer of (500) Days of Summer, The Fault In Our Stars, The Spectacular Now, Paper Towns, and X-Men: The New Mutants.

Literary manager and producer Jewerl Ross is the founder and owner of Silent R Management. He has worked at APA, ICM, Marathon Management and Paradigm. Some of his clients include Barry Jenkins, Matt Aldrich, David H. Steinberg, and Brad Buecker.

Cathryn Humphris is a producer and WGA Award-winning writer known for her work on Mad Men, Elementary, NCIS: New Orleans, Under The Dome, and Supernatural.

Writing team Amanda Silver & Rick Jaffa have been responsible for some of the most successful reinvigorations of iconic franchises. Their credits include Jurassic World, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Disney’s live action Mulan.
Check Out All 30 Speakers

Thanks to our official sponsor:



Check out our non-profit partners:









Registration is FREE! Join us for this incredible event – all from the comfort of your living room.  All you need is a computer and internet connection – and a curiosity to learn from some of Hollywood’s leading producers, executives, managers and award-winning screenwriters!



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Stage 32 & Michael Wiese Productions Present: The Future of Story – Los Angeles

On Thursday, August 3rd in LA, Stage 32 and Michael Wiese Productions are thrilled to bring you an intimate and educational evening with some of the industry’s top writers, coaches and teachers working today.

Join Jen Grisanti, Steve Kaplan, Christopher Vogler, Alvaro Rodriguez and Richard Botto for a timely panel on the craft and business of screenwriting in 2017 . Our esteemed panelists will be covering a wide range of topics including the current state of the industry, what’s hot in television and features, where most writers struggle with their craft and much more. We’ll also be taking questions from the audience and may even critique a pitch or two!

But we did say this would be an intimate evening as well. So, after the panel, join us for an extended cocktail hour and networking event sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the official vodka of Stage 32. Meet your fellow scribes and get up and close with not only the panelists, but a dozen more Michael Wiese authors!


Stage 32 & Michael Wiese Productions Present: The Future of Story – Los Angeles

Date: Thursday, August 3, 2017

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Location: WeWork La Brea Terrace, 925 N La Brea Ave, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (map)

Parking: Parking available on 2 levels of the WeWork parking garage for $15, and FREE parking is available at the Target and Sprouts parking structure down the block
Drinks: provided by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the official vodka of Stage 32
Light Snacks: provided by WeWork
Michael Wiese Productions books will be sold at a 40% discount exclusively at this event. Buy a book and get it signed by your favorite MWP Author.
RSVP: here

Space is limited, so please reserve your place early before all spots sell out!


Stage 32 and Michael Wiese Productions Present The Future of Story Los Angeles

Reserve your spot now!

About The Evening

Panel Discussion: Screenwriting & the Marketplace: 2017

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Our esteemed group of panelists will be discussing the state of the screenwriting industry today, writing trends they are seeing and offer tips & advice for screenwriters to navigate the business. We will be discussing the craft, including trends we are seeing in film and TV scripts right now including successful case studies. We will also be discussing the barriers of entry for both first time screenwriters as well as those established writers trying to navigate today’s ever shifting landscape. We’ll discuss the bending and meshing of genre and how Netflix and Amazon have not only influenced the marketplace, but the craft as well. You will receive tips on how to navigate the new paradigm of studio, cable and streaming and what that means for your career. Best of all, you’ll be able to ask questions during our extended Q&A session.

This is sure to be the most informative panel you’ll attend this year. Please remember to book early!


Networking Mixer / Meet the Authors!

8:30pm – 10:00pm

After the panel, we’ll let our hair down a bit with a relaxed networking mixer. You’ll not only be able to mingle with your fellow scribes and make new connections and friends, but you’ll be able to meet and speak with the panelists and more than two dozen additional Michael Wiese authors. This is an incredible opportunity to mingle, learn and build meaningful relationships. Oh, and the entire hour and a half is sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the official vodka of Stage 32!

Other MWP Authors in Attendance
25 additional MWP authors with expertise in Scriptwriting, TV, Film, and Production will be on hand to network and meet with you. You will be able to meet and exchange business cards with top professionals in the business.


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As always, we welcome thoughts and remarks on ANY of the content above in the Comments section below…

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TV Weekend Chicago: From Concept to Studio Deal!

by International Screenwriters’ Association

$224 – $374

Actions and Detail Panel

TV Weekend Chicago: From Concept to Studio Deal!

Fri, May 5, 2017, 3:00 PM – Sun, May 7, 2017, 6:00 PM CDT

$224 – $374

Event Information


TV Weekend- CHICAGO: From Concept to Studio Deal!

EARLY Registration ends: APRIL 10th – $299 for 3 day pass
REGULAR Registration: April 11th – May 1st – $350 for 3 day pass

After our successful event in Los Angeles, we’re bringing the team to the midwest for another great TV weekend.

There’s never been a better time to write for TV. Some are saying we’ve moved past the Golden Age of Television right into the Platinum Age. That’s how big it’s gotten, but how do you break in? How do you get your start? What tools do you need to prepare yourself to compete?

Join us for this ISA Masters Series Seminar where you’ll learn the tools to develop a TV Pilot from concept to pitch, so you can land that studio deal or get staffed on a show. Every writer’s dream is to create longevity in this industry. Let the ISA and our esteemed guests help you!

Each paid registrant receives THE CRAFT COURSE (value $69) and a subscription to MovieMaker Magazine for FREE!

To kick off the ISA’s TV Weekend Chicago, we are presenting a lecture breaking down NBC’s TIMELESS and Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS by the ISA’s Director of Community Outreach and co-head of the ISA Development Program, Max Timm. Having launched The Craft Course in Screenwriting, and with over a decade of experience in working one-on-one with writers of all genres and formats, Max will share his insights, lessons, and breakdown of the most essential element of any TV series, the recurring moment.

Saturday we continue with top TV consultant, Jen Grisanti, who will teach you how to write a TV pilot that sells. Having spent years as a Current Programming Executive, Grisanti knows not only what it takes from a business perspective, but she offers a hands-on, immediately supportive approach to educating writers on what it takes to sell material to a network. After Jen, we will present career consultant and industry expert, Lee Jessup, who will share with you everything you need to know about becoming a working television writer. Lee’s clients continually move from novice, out-of-work screenwriters, to working and career-focused writers who are actually getting paid to do what they love! Both of our guest consultants are offering their expertise for what normally would take most clients weeks, if not months, to learn. Take advantage of their time and insights all in one day! (If you scroll down, you can read all about our fabulous guest consultants.)

On Sunday, veteran consultant and writing expert, Corey Mandell will help you improve your skills to pitch yourself and your ideas, an absolutely essential skill for anyone serious about launching or building a TV writing career. As a TV writer, you are not only attempting to sell a piece of writing, but it’s your responsibility to allow the industry to know who you are on a personal and professional level. Learning how to pitch yourself is just as essential as pitching your project. We will follow Corey’s class with an industry panel that will focus on how to make the most of your screenwriting career, intentions, and creative pursuits no matter where in the country you live. Then we will wrap up the day with an interactive pitch event where 10 lucky writers in attendance will get the chance to practice their pitch in front of a panel of industry pros, all of which will give you direct feedback and support.

The skills you’ll learn over this 3-day event will help you turn your good TV script into a great script, and get you ready to pitch and sell at the highest level. This is a highly competitive industry, so let us help you elevate your craft and your career. You can’t afford to miss this!

Open to all storytellers – screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, filmmakers, producers, agents, actors, development executives and more are welcome to attend.



Friday, May 5th – 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – NBC’s TIMELESS and Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS:
Breaking Down Story Through The Recurring Moment with Max Timm

Saturday, May 6th – 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

9:00 am – 1:15 pm – WRITING A PILOT THAT SELLS with Jen Grisanti

1:15 pm – 2:30 pm – Lunch

2:30 pm – 5:30 pm – YOUR TELEVISION WRITING CAREER with Lee Jessup

Sunday, May 7th – 9:00 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

9:00 am – 12:15 pm – PITCHING PILOTS THAT SELL with Corey Mandell

12:15 pm – 1:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm – Industry Panel

3:15 pm – 5:15 pm – Pitching Event, Moderated by Corey Mandell


Breaking Down Story Through The Recurring Moment with Max Timm

Friday: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Audiences will tune in to watch a pilot episode due to the basic conceptual make-up of a particular show, its tone, and possibly a leading actor, but they continue watching the series if and when the well-crafted characters are entertaining, emotionally developed, and intertwined with a unique sequence of recurring and repeated action. What does all of that really mean? What kind of ride will you put your audience on, and more importantly, how do you develop a show that will continually entertain the audience week in and week out? Using examples from the hit NBC drama Timeless, and Netflix’s cult-favorite, Stranger Things, Max will break down the storylines for each show in order to prove how important it is to develop your own show’s recurring moment before ever writing a page of the script.


The Director of Community Outreach with the International Screenwriters’ Association, and with over a decade of experience in developing material and writers’ careers, Max Timm’s focus with the ISA is to build a creative community and bring ISA writers closer to ISA Industry Professionals. Having attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and then transferring to Columbia College Chicago to study screenwriting and producing, Max is a Midwesterner and Chicagoan at heart who prides himself on supporting creative people in as many ways possible. Recently he helped build a development program with the ISA, submitting writers’ projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers – eight writers received options and representation in 2015-16 because of Max’s assistance and support. His Personal Coaching Service develops working writers and their material much like a studio executive would, and his online classes, titled The Craft Course in Screenwriting, offer writers outside the Los Angeles area to take part in professional full development.

A development consultant, manager, and screenwriting instructor, Max is a screenwriter and author himself. His debut novel, a young adult fantasy adventure titled The WishKeeper, about a teenage fairy with broken wings, won the young adult category of the 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival and released nationwide in the Summer of 2016. Max has also served as a part-time instructor at UCLA, will be a mentor in 2017 with the acclaimed Rocaberti Castle Writers Retreat, and travels nationally and internationally speaking at a multitude of industry events such as the Sundance Film Festival, Nashville Writers Conference, and even educating art program teachers through the LA Unified School District.

Telling the Inside Story Through Structure and Emotion with Jen Grisanti

Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:15 pm

The key to becoming a working writer or creating longevity as a working writer is writing a TV pilot script that they can’t ignore. The pilot script is one of the hardest to write. In this 4-hour Master Series class Jen Grisanti will take you through her story system that has led 44 of her clients to sell their pilots, five of which went to series. Part of her system includes story structure, writing memorable characters and character dynamics, creating a strong internal story and she will do a workshop element on adding fiction to your truth. She plans to discuss the following shows – FLEABAG (Amazon), WESTWORLD (HBO) and NIGHT MANAGER (AMC) and recommends that the participants watch the pilots for these shows.


Mentored by Aaron Spelling, one of the greatest executives and most prolific producers in the business, Jen learned early on how to develop a story and make a script the best it could be before it hit the air. She worked with the executive producers, showrunners and staff of over 15 primetime shows such as: Medium, Numbers, NCIS, Girlfriends, Charmed, Seventh Heaven, Melrose Place, 90210 and many more. She has helped to launch countless writing careers over the last twenty-five years. As a nine-year Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a 12-year former studio executive and a panelist for the WGA and DGA, she also helped other creative talents see the business through the eyes of an executive. Jen’s system for telling and selling story has also led to SEVENTY-FIVE OF HER WRITERS GETTING STAFFED.

with Lee Jessup

Saturday: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

In this 3-hour Master Series class Lee will share with you everything you need to know about becoming a working television writer. This session will explore the current television landscape, the realities and requirements for landing the agent or manager who will become instrumental for connecting you with the television industry, the various paths available for staffing on a show or selling your pilot, the contests, fellowships and programs available to writers seeking to stand out in the television space, and much more.


Lee is a career coach for professional and emerging screenwriters, with an exclusive focus on the screenwriter’s ongoing professional development. Her clients include working screenwriters who have sold screenplays and pilots to major studios and booked writing assignments, staffed television writers, best-selling authors, television writing programs and feature fellowships participants, contest winners, as well as emerging screenwriters just starting on their screenwriting journey. In her role as career coach, Lee serves as a sort of industry guidance counselor, adviser, drill Sargent, cheerleader, confidant and strategic partner. Lee’s knowledge and expertise in the space have been utilized by such entities as the WGA, NBC International, and FilmCourage, to name a few, as well as screenwriting conferences and film festivals across the United States and around the world. Her previous book, Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A Screenwriting Career is a bestseller, and her next book Breaking In: Tales From the Screenwriting Trenches is due out from Focal Press in late 2016/early 2017. Additionally, she has been the interview subject of countless podcasts and screenwriting-centric websites. With her husband, two children, a dog, two cats, and hippie parents living upstairs, Lee currently resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to shepherd, champion and challenge her stable of talented, ambitious and dedicated writers.

with Corey Mandell

Sunday: 9:00 am – 12:15 pm

The ability to pitch yourself and your ideas is an absolutely essential skill for anyone serious about launching or building a TV writing career. In addition to knowing what is required to sell an original idea in the current marketplace, writers need to know how to effectively market themselves in the room in order to land a staff writing job. In this 3-hour Master Series Class, Corey teaches the specific pitching skills and techniques that have helped his students and clients sell pitches to all of the major broadcast, cable and streaming buyers.


Corey is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who has written projects for Ridley Scott, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Family, Working Title, Paramount, Live Planet, Beacon Films, Touchstone, Walt Disney Pictures and more.

His Professional Screenwriting and Television Writing Workshops offer an alternative to the same old tired rules and formulas found in most screenwriting classes, books and seminars. In the past three years, 87 graduates of his classes have sold original pilots. Others have been staffed on such shows as Community, The Fosters, Jane The Vigrin, Bones, Justificed, BoJack Horseman, The Mentalist, Marvel’s Agents of the Shield, Up All Night, Rosewood, The Leftovers, Treme and more.

INDUSTRY PANEL DISCUSSION – Navigating the Screenwriting Business and Breaking into Hollywood from Chicago
moderated by ISA’s Max Timm

Sunday: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Join the ISA as we host a panel of distinguished industry guests who will focus on how to make the most of your screenwriting career, intentions, and creative pursuits no matter where in the country you live. With a focus on the Chicago creative community, the ISA will bring you an educational, empowering, and inspiring panel that will get you excited to pursue your writing dreams, with a practical and realistic approach.


Angie Gaffney is a Midwest-based producer and entrepreneur who serves as the President of Black Apple Media and Co-Founder of Stage 18 Chicago.


A veteran TV Producer with numerous credits and hundreds of hours of produced programming, including CNN’s Chicagoland and A&E’s The First 48, Craig J. Harris is also an award winning Writer, whose work has been recognized with five Emmys and a Telly Award.

More panelists TBD soon.

moderated by Corey Mandell

Sunday: 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Ten lucky writers registered for TV Weekend will get the chance to pitch our Producer’s Panel. The panel will provide notes and give advice on their pitch. The top two pitches will receive a FREE ISA Development Program Evaluation valued at $199!

To apply to pitch you must be registered for TV Weekend. Once you are confirmed you’ll receive an email notification with the information needed to submit to pitch. All pitches will be considered, 10 will be chosen to pitch on stage. Please come prepared to pitch or listen and learn, and be sure to have fun!


We do not have any arrangement with local hotels but here is a list you can check out to secure your stay:

Travel to and from the event is up to you. There is a train station location nearby. Please refer to the Chicago Transit Authority for details.


All registrants for TV Weekend will receive The Craft Course ($69 value) for FREE!*

Presented as an online version of the live Master Class hosted by Max Timm in Los Angeles, this course was inspired by his popular writing podcast, The Craft, and will offer you exclusive podcast episodes only online class writers will receive.

Receive immediate access to all lessons, lectures, and audio, and the material provided within this full development screenwriting course will help you build your script, one step at a time. This course allows you to work at your own pace and finish a script in less than 12 weeks!

With the amount of material that is covered in this course, you will not find a more inexpensive course on screenwriting that offers as much as The Craft Course. The International Screenwriters’ Association takes pride in offering services to writers without breaking the bank. Take advantage of what is offered here and we promise you will come away with a stronger draft of your script had you tried to go this route alone.

So jump in and get ready to write!

*Valid only for Craft Course-Online Only, or as a discount from other Craft Courses. A discount code will be emailed to you upon completion of your payment for TV Weekend.



For a limited time, you can add an ISA Development Program Evaluaton ($199 value) for only $150 with your TV Weekend registration.

The ISA Development Program can now be accessed through application! This specialized program was created to develop and support emerging screenwriters who have yet to secure an agent or manager, while helping writers better navigate this highly competitive business to find a path to break through. Our mission is to ultimately help you get represented and sell your work.

After applying and regardless of acceptance into the program, your material will receive a full evaluation with up to five pages of notes. Your project will be rated and considered for inclusion in the ISA’s Development Program and, if accepted, will immediately enable you and your project to be submitted to ISA approved agents, managers, production companies, producers and more.

EIGHT writers in the program have signed with an agency or had their work optioned in the past TEN months. You can find out more about the ISA Development Program below, or by visiting

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Friday Night Social ~ April 7, 2017 ~ NEW LOCATION: Double Take Restaurant and Lounge

Event Date: Friday, April 7, 2017 || Starts at 6:30 pm  || Co-sponsoring with Jennifer Grisanti

Friday Night Social is a networking group that meets the first Friday of every month. It started as a way for TV and feature writers to meet one another and has evolved into so much more. This is a great way to “Network”. Plan on meeting people from different areas and levels in the entertainment industry.  


Please REGISTER before 10:00 pm on Thursday, April 6, 2017



This month’s Friday Night Social is being held at The Palomar Hotel’s Double Take Restaurant and Lounge area.   Please join Jennifer Grisanti and SWN at this location for this month’s Friday Night Social “Networking” event.

Double Take is all about the energy of the west Los Angeles modern bar scene that effortlessly compliments an avant-garde approach to classic comfort cuisine. With an edgy aesthetic that pays homage to the local independent filmmakers who took part in making Los Angeles what it is today.

Double Take, A New Beverly Hills Restaurant – Situated in the midst of Wilshire Blvd, between Beverly Hills and UCLA, Double Take at Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills is a dining hotspot inspired by a Hollywood backlot. Chef Bryan Podgorski’s serves up unfussy, market-inspired snacks, salads and entrées that shine with Southern California ingredients. Grab coffee and house-baked pastries on your way out in the morning or linger over breakfast while working in the lounge. After work, let Sarah Mengoni’s updated takes on classic cocktails mellow you into evening.

Join us at The Palomar Hotel’s Double Take Restaurant and Lounge:

Below: Photos from previous events:








Event starts at 6:30 pm – Ends at 9:30 pm



The Palomar Hotel’s Double Take Restaurant and Lounge

10740 Wilshire Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone # 310.475.8711

Toll-free: (800) 472-8556

Palomar Hotel



Directions from the south and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  • From the airport, take W. Century Way east for 1.8 miles.
  • Merge slightly right onto I-405 North. Go 9.3 miles.
  • Exit onto Wilshire Blvd. Go 1.1 miles.
  • Kimpton Hotel Palomar Los Angeles Beverly Hills is located at 10740 Wilshire Boulevard at Selby Avenue.

Directions from the north and the San Diego Freeway.

  • From I-405 South / San Diego Freeway, take the Wilshire Blvd. exit. Go 0.2 miles.
  • Turn right at Wilshire Blvd. Go 1 mile.
  • Kimpton Hotel Palomar Los Angeles Beverly Hills is located at 10740 Wilshire Boulevard at Selby Avenue.



Valet parking is $10.00 – with validation at the bar.



FREE to attend.  Pay for your own food, cocktails & parking.

**Check in with us at the entrance to receive your name tags for networking.

 Happy Networking!

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Alta is teaming up with Screencraft to bring you an intensive screenwriting and yoga retreat in Nicaragua! Join fellow writers and yoga enthusiasts for a 6-day intimate experience that delves into the craft of screenwriting and creative writing. Increase clarity, focus and inspiration to support your creative potential through optional daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Jen Grisanti—former studio executive, acclaimed story consultant, and writing instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge—leads us through an exceptional writing workshop. In the morning, instructional classes on valuable story tools and a system of story hones your unique voice as a writer along with the voices of your characters. Afternoons include writing workshops, excursions and free writing time. Whether you’re looking for creative inspiration or seeking completion of your novel, TV pilot or feature screenplay, this retreat will take your writing to the next level!

Jake Paul White, yoga instructor and design expert, leads us through twice daily optional yoga sessions and meditations. All yoga experience levels are welcome! The practice of yoga opens your body and mind to deeper learning, providing you with opportunities to unlock your full creative potential and achieve personal growth. Jake also leads additional discussions on topics including branding yourself and breaking into creative industries.

Life comes in many shades, both positive and negative. Writing explores life in both its light and dark experiences, together forming the hero’s journey. This is the journey you are about to embrace—identifying your voice and message and writing from a place of emotional truth. You will go through a system of story that has led many of Jen’s clients to sell their stories and become working writers in Hollywood and beyond. There is so much to learn from story tools in fiction that you can apply to your life and your own personal narrative. Writing is healing. When you do the emotional work, your story evolves.

This pristine jungle paradise on the Emerald Coast is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and break away from typical distractions that hinder your growth. Sources for inspiration include surfing, kayaking, horseback riding and jungle trekking. This retreat is a unique opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and get to know other inspiring, talented writers. You will leave feeling revived, with the tools necessary to access your full potential as a creator and achieve success in your writing career.


Jen Grisanti

Writing instructor, story consultant and author

Jen is an international speaker, acclaimed story/career consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., writing instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a former 12-year studio executive, including VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount, blogger for The Huffington Post and author of the books, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story and TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells and her new book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path To Your Success. In 2008, Jen launched a highly successful consulting firm dedicated to helping talented writers break into the industry. Jen has worked with over 800 writers specializing in television, features and novels.  Due to her expertise and mentorship, seventy-five of her writers have been staffed on television shows and forty have sold pilots, five that that went to series. She has taught classes, led workshops and served on panels at some of the world’s most prestigious screenwriting conferences. Jen will be available for one-on-one story consultations at an additional cost.

Follow Jen on Instagram: @jengrisanti

Jake Paul White

Yoga instructor and designer

Jake is a UK based yoga instructor and designer who has been studying the art of movement for over 10 years. With over 1000 hours of trainings in yoga, Budokon yoga and Acroyoga under his belt, his motivation to share, teach and give is completely clear. Jake builds his classes on two principles: balance and creativity. He believes that balance and unification between the mind and body are key components to any class, while creativity allows for the freedom of self-expression. Jake is also highly trained in alignment and adjustments to make any student—from beginners to experts—feel safe and comfortable. His classes aim to inspire and challenge you, allowing you to become more self-aware, as well as more powerful. From the physical pose to the non-physical mind, this is where the journey lies. Jake has taught at retreats and yoga festivals around the world, in addition to teaching regular classes at London’s popular Another_Space Studio. When not on his mat, Jake does branding and design work for some of the most influential yogis and yoga brands—including Alta Retreats!

Follow Jake on Instagram: @jake_paul_white

“Jen Grisanti gave me the tools to mine my own experiences and translate them into any genre. She has a rare expertise in crafting story with both emotional depth and efficient structure… And what’s more, she’s an ace at teaching others how to do it.”

– Gina Montreal, Co-Executive Producer at NCIS
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Sign Up Now

Looking for student discount? Apply here.

– or –

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If you have a generic question about Stage 32 conferences feel free to contact support with any inquiries you might have.
A 2-day educational global online event!
Starts in:


Stage 32’s 1st Annual Online Screenwriting Conference

No planes. No hotels. No expenses. No new wardrobe. No outrageous badge prices.

Just you, your computer and your willingness to learn.

This is 2 days and 16 hours of the most up to date and actionable information designed to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of screenwriting from structure to navigating your writing career!


Stage 32, the leaders in online education for film creatives, is proud to present our First Annual Online Screenwriting Conference. Our First Annual Online Screenwriting Conference is not only incredibly affordable, but can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Over the course of 2 days, over a dozen of the world’s leading voices in screenwriting & television writing, development, pitching, contracts, managers and more who will provide you with the most timely and pertinent information to help you get you and your writing projects on the right track!

In addition, unlike other conferences, our panelists are ALL currently active in the industry. You will be learning from those putting together projects right now. Our speakers hail from top production companies, management companies, and additionally include happily employed writers.

This conference will be LIVE and completely interactive. You will be able to ask questions and interact with the speakers and panelists no matter where you are in the world!


“Stage 32 is LinkedIn meets Lynda for film and television creatives.”

Forbes Magazine


The 2017 Stage 32 Screenwriting Conference takes place online on Saturday, March 25, 2017 and Sunday, March 26, 2017

Whereas other screenwriting conferences charge anywhere from $300 to $500 just for a badge (not counting travel expenses!), the 1st Annual Stage 32 Screenwriting Conference is only $299 for the entire 2 day event and $199 for Students*.


*Student Price: To order Student Price registration, you must provide one the following:

  • Photo Copy of Valid Student I.D.
  • Copy of current school class schedule

E-mail your materials to to receive Student Price registration discount code.


If you are serious about taking your screenwriting career to the next level in 2017, you won’t want to miss this event!





Screenwriting Conference Schedule



  • 9:15am – 9:45am 


Meg LeFauve

Meg LeFauve was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for co-writing the script for Pixar’s Inside Out. She was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards in 1999 for producing The Baby Dance. She also produced the 2002 film The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. She also wrote the script for The Good Dinosaur (and also co-wrote the story). LeFauve is currently writing the script for the live-action Captain Marvel movie alongside Nicole Perlman and is attached to co-direct Disney’s Gigantic.


  • 10am – 11:30am

Screenwriting Structure Rules – Save or Shoot the Cat?

Over the past few years, due to the rise of a number of popular screenwriting “How to” books, writers have been trained to structure their screenplays in a paint by number fashion. Your inciting incident happens here. Your first act break must happen on a certain page. Flashbacks are taboo. Voiceover is worse. What’s the real deal? What is truly a deal breaker for a manager, agent, development exec, producer or anyone else you’re targeting with your material? Aren’t rules made to be broken? Our esteemed panel will tell you what’s tolerable and what’s taboo in today’s marketplace.

Moderator: Heather Hale

Panelists: Wes Ambrecht, Rachel Crouch


  • 11:45am – 12:45pm


Every Act Has A Pitfall

Ask three writers which act proves the most difficult for them and you very well may get three different answers. That’s because nothing about a screenplay is easy. Get your 1st act off to a slow start and you may lose your reader before the 1st act break. Wander too far in your 2nd, so-called Fun and Games Act, and you could obliterate your narrative. And even if you nail Acts I & II, closing the deal requires a balancing act of finesse and prowess. Fortunately, many of these pitfalls are not only common, they’re easy to avoid. We’ll take you through the jungle of all three Acts and get you to safe passage.

Speaker: Jason Mirch


  • 1pm – 2pm Break


  • 2pm – 3:30pm

Writing Compelling Characters

All writers obsess over their main character. They hear him or her speaking to them from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, and sometimes even in their dreams. But what makes a character compelling? What makes an audience want to follow that character? As important, writers spend so much time on their main character, they forget about their secondary characters, allowing them to fall into caricature. Why do some characters work in outline and fail on the page? Why do so many writers struggle with secondary character? This panel will explore ways to make your characters pull the reader along for a page turning ride.

Moderator: Kelly Jo Brick

Panelists: Sarah Cornelius, David Paterson


  • 3:45pm – 5:15pm

Selling TV Scripts in a New World – Writing a Hit Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or Cable Show

It’s no secret that there are more television scripts being purchased now than at any time in history. More and more feature writers are looking to cash in on the gold rush happening in paid TV and streaming. And with over 500 original shows planned for 2017 (and those are only the ones making it to air!), who can blame them? But it’s not enough to have an original idea. You must understand what goes into writing a hit TV show in this new world of the “golden age” of TV.

Moderator: TBD

Panelists: Daniel Kendrick, Joaquin F. Palma


  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm

The New Revolution: Writing the TV Pilot That Gets YOU In The Room

Why do I care?
What am I dying to know?
Who or what is in the way?
In this class, we will discuss templates for pilots that are outside the box and how they address these questions.
Why do I care? – The answer to this has to do with the set up of the personal dilemma of the central character as it is linked to the pilot pursuit.
What am I dying to know? The answer to this has to do with the set up of your season arc and your pilot arc.
Who or what is in the way? Do you have a compelling antagonist? What flaws cause your central character to get in the way of their pursuit? Did you set up strong stakes?
The shows that Jen Grisanti will discuss include – ATLANTA/FX, NIGHT MANAGER/AMC and RIVER/Netflix.

Speaker: Jen Grisanti


DAY 2: SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2017


  • 9:15am-10:15am

Got Story? Pitch Like a Pro!

Pitching. Some love it, some hate it. All must know how to do it. Whether it’s an elevator pitch, a 30-60 second pitch, a 5, 10 or 30 minute pitch or a general meeting lunch, you have to know how to pitch your idea from McNugget to full world. Similarly, you have to know who you are pitching. What they are looking for? What projects have they done in the past? Pitching is not only an art, it’s about knowledge – knowledge of you, your brand, your story, the story of your script and the story of the person or people you to whom you are pitching. Scary? Nah. We got you covered.

Speaker: TBD


  • 10:30am-12:00pm

Getting Legal – What You Should Know Before You Dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”

Copyrights, securing intellectual property, writing someone’s life story without rights, stories that are public domain, option agreements, purchase agreements, exclusive rights agreements. These are just some of the legal issues you’ll face as a writer. But not every move you make requires an attorney. And not every offer you receive might be the best move for your career. This panel will demystify some of the most common questions and conundrums you’ll face as writer in an effort to assure that you protect yourself, your career, and your work.

Moderator: TBD

Panelists: Jordan Barel, Jaia Thomas, Catherine Keithley


  • 1:15pm – 2:45pm

How to Get Your Foot in the Door: Networking, Etiquette & Branding Yourself as a Writer

Many writers believe that their only job is to write. Wrong. A thousand times, wrong. In today’s competitive climate, writers need to be more visible than ever. This means creating an online persona, treating networking as a job, and conducting yourself in a way that makes people want to help, champion or work with you. If you are serious about becoming a successful writer, networking, proper etiquette (online and offline) and branding are to be ignored at your own peril. And no one likes peril. Allow our expert panelists to guide you toward success in these growing areas of importance.

Moderator: TBD

Panelists: Lee Jessup, Kelly Jo Brick, Tiegen Kosiak


  • 3pm-4:30pm

What’s Happening in the Market Now – The Manager/Writer Relationship in 2017

You found representation, now what? What meetings do you take? Will you get staffed on a show? What percentage do you cut to your manager when you sell your script? In this industry panel, you’ll learn the in’s-and-out’s of what you as a writer need to bring to the table on a daily basis to your manager and in turn, what your manager should be doing for you in return, in order for you to succeed.

Moderator: TBD

Panelists: Tyler Ruggeri, Conrad Sun, Seth Jaret


  • 4:45pm – 6:15pm 

Do you have what it takes to survive the Stage 32 Pitch Tank? We’re bringing in 4 judges – a manager, an agent, a producer and a development executive to listen LIVE to up to 5 screenwriter’s pitches. All conference attendees are invited to join! Watch and learn from each of the panelists perspectives what makes a good pitch. Are you ready to pitch? Bring it on during the Stage 32 PITCH TANK!


Daniel Vang, Manager, Good Fear Film + Management

Sarah Cornelius, Creative Development & Production Executive, Whitewater Films

Bradley Gallo, Producer, Amasia Entertainment

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